What To Bring To Rehabilitation during-rehab

What To Carry Along When Going For Rehab

Rehab treatment centres permit certain things and prohibit certain items; you should know the policy of your rehab treatment facility beforehand.

Rehab centres have strict policies in place regard what an inpatient can bring with him or her. A list of allowed objects and forbidden ones is presented by most clinics.

You will be admitted to the clinic as you get to the rehab where the entrance process will start. During this time, the admissions team belonging to the centres will inspect your belongings to ensure safety and to understand whether any prohibited items are also included. While other centres provide you with the checklist of what you can bring.

You can carry the necessities with yourself. The policies on the kind of items you can carry will vary according to the centres.

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How To Get The Packing Information

Please make sure to consult your rehab with allowed and prohibited things to bring or you can check on their page online. Search for the FAQ page if that section is not present. Many centres give their future patients a packing checklist which you can refer to. In case you are unable to find these information in print, you can always call your rehab centre for it. The staff will guide you on this matter. This will also be an opportune moment for you to inquire about anything that you were not sure with.

Items Most Recommended By Rehab Centres To Bring With You

The list varies from centre to centre.

Below are some items that are most recommended

  • A list of names, home addresses, and telephone numbers of the people you want to be part of your therapy (those you care about, medical professionals, 12 step guarantors, etc.).
  • Jewels like your wedding ring or a watch that you wear every day and deem as necessary.
  • Except for the above you are advised to leave all valuables at home.
  • A clock with an alarm but not one with radio.
  • Some centres are known to supply these items, and therefore, it would be better to verify this particular item before venturing out into the market to purchase them.
  • The medications that the patient will be using.
  • If you are taking a liquid drug, the bottle must be sealed.
  • It is recommended to carry the names of every medication you are taking and its dose with you.
  • Ensure you are some cash with you in small denominations.
  • Bring along your credit cards or check book for settling the payment for new medications.
  • Bring along your insurance card as well as documents needed for personal identity verification.
  • A phone card (when your clinic needs them for international phone calls).
  • Your diary.
  • Stamps and envelopes if you need to mail post.
  • Pictures of relatives and friends that you can have in your room or wallet.
  • There are some items that you will get inside the rehab.
  • Most of the items that are allowed should play some part in the recovery process.
  • TIP Should you bring books, we recommend you to bring paperbacks as they are more handy than hardbacks.

What Clothes For The Centre

Some centres have prescribed dress codes or limitations that you have to consider. In case where you are not sure, consider to bring articles that you can use in layering in case of cold weather.

Pack only that many clothes which can be easily accommodated in your room.

Laundry spaces are accessible in a facility so you can plan your clothes packing based on that amenity. Try not to bring clothes which require special washing like dry cleaning for example.

You should carry along about seven days of comfortable and with appropriate clothing, including the following

  • Shoes Comfortable shoes for everyday activities, sports and flip flops for the shower.
  • Shirts For slightly revealing articles, you may bring cardigans or pullovers to cover it to avoid dress code policy issues.
  • Pants
  • Shorts The dress code of the centres will determine the length of the shorts.
  • A dress or two for any special events like appreciation or family night.
  • Socks
  • Undergarments.
  • A bathing suit a one piece for women and trunks for men.
  • Pyjamas.
  • A jacket.
  • Bathing robe.
  • A belt.
  • A hat Some centres do not allow wearing hats inside the premises.
  • Slippers.

Products Recommended For Personal Toiletries And Beauty

All personal hygiene and beauty items have to be 100% alcohol-free in most rehabilitation centres. Some allow alcohol-containing products only when alcohol doesn't feature in the first three ingredients. Do not bring aerosols.

You should hygiene and cosmetic products that should last a month

  • Deodorant
  • Toothpaste and toothbrush
  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Hairspray
  • Hair brush
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Shaving cream
  • Lotion
  • Sun cream
  • Makeup

Things You Cannot Bring To The Rehabilitation Centre

There are some items that are never allowed inside the centres. These are important to warrant a safe environment that is conducive to your wellness and recovery. Please find below the list of objects that are forbidden, it may be different from clinic to clinic

  • Drugs and alcohol
  • Sedatives or forbidden prescriptions
  • Weapons
  • Pornography
  • Food items
  • Everyday stuff containing alcohol
  • E cigarettes
  • Unsealed over-the-counter medicines
  • Nail polish, polish remover and synthetic nail related products
  • Computer games
  • Games equipment
  • Sexy or revealing clothing
  • Body sprays with strong cents
  • Cleaning products (bleach, ammonia, etc.)
  • Electronic products
  • Games
  • Incense or candles
  • Clothing with vulgarity or reference to drugs, booze or violence

Playing cards, games and movies may be surprising contrabands for you but rules are rules. The idea behind banning them is to minimize distractions and help you stay focused on recovery. At times, your centre will provide these items

No food and drinks from cooked or prepared by external sources are allowed. You will be given three meals per day, snacks, and drinks You should inform your facility beforehand in case you are on a special diet.

Items Which Some Facilities Allow And Some Do Not

Every rehab centre has its own policies and some may prohibit an item which is allowed at the other. The list below includes items that are permitted by some centres

  • Computer Equipment
  • Access to these items will be restricted even if the rehab chosen by you allows these items.
  • Don't leave your charger behind.
  • Cigarettes
  • You may be allowed to smoke at some time.
  • However, you may be restricted in the number of cigarettes you are to take in a day.
  • Vitamins and OTC Medications
  • OTC medications should be brand new.
  • Gum
  • It must be unopened and sealed.
  • MP3 and CD Players
  • You might be permitted to bring along entertainment devices that can work without speakers and internet.
  • Camera
  • For patients who are photography enthusiasts, the are allowed with the privilege to bring their cameras with them.
  • Disposable Razor or Electric Razor
  • This though is largely not admitted in most centres.
  • You can bring disposable razors with you.
  • Nail Clippers
  • It depends with the requirement in the facility.
  • Additional Items
  • You could be allowed to bring in your own bedding, pillows and some other stuff to make your room more comfortable.
  • Just double check with your rehab centre if these are indeed allowed before stuffing them into your luggage.

Can I Get Prohibited Items Back That I Accidentally Took

Don't freak out if you bring along something forbidden after you get to the clinic. The personnel will just endorse it to your accompanying friend or loved one. Many others will hold the items for 24 hours until someone comes over to pick them up. It is possible that the centre might store the item till your release day.

If you are traveling from a distant location and are arriving by air it is likely that you will not have a loved one with you during the admission to take the prohibited items back. Make sure you review the regulations of your centre by calling them. You will wish to have back your forbidden objects packed by error. In case they do not do temporary safe keeping, then inquire if they can facilitate shipment to someone you know.

Packing For Rehabilitation Can Be Easy If you have doubts about some object review your clinic's regulations. Ask for a checklist whenever available so you can use as a guide. Follow the general rule and try to pack light to keep it down to the necessities.

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