Speed Addiction and Abuse in Essex Essex

Defining Speed In Essex

Speed refers to amphetamine sulphate drug in Class B in the street. Occasionally, the word speed is attributed to other varieties of amphetamines.

Being a stimulant it offers the user an increased level of energy and alertness.

Speed is also taken for other reasons like

  • Excitement, feeling high and talkative.
  • Among the reasons why people prefer to use speed is its ability to give them an extra boost of energy they need for extended physical activities.
  • People taking speed are often observed to be overly active and energetic.
  • The intoxication is usually followed by a long gradual comedown, making you so irascible and depressed.
  • Speed causes strain on the heart thus one risks heart problems - and it has resulted to deaths if taken in high quantities.

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What Are The Consequences Of Speed To The People In Essex Who Use The Substance?

Speed makes addicts feel so excited, active and energetic, but can also make them feel disturbed and quarrelsome.

It can also have other consequences

  • Making users remain elated, wide awake and chatty.
  • Clubgoers use it as it provides them the energy to dance for hours without been exhausted.
  • Loss of appetite (this sometimes find its way to diet pills due to this effect).
  • Speed can also leave users feeling panicked, agitated and psychotic attacks (referring to a mental state under which people see and hear non-existent things and hallucinations)

Speed Related Risks Thanks To Drug Abuse Essex

The use of speed does involve risks.

Some of those dangers are

  • It can be hard for you to relax or sleep, depending on the quantity you used.
  • After the effects would have subsided, the contrasting effect is very prohibitive that it slows down your ability to even learn and focus.
  • Those already with heart problems or hypertension should not take speed as it pressurizes the heart - It is known to have killed many users this way.
  • Combining speed with anti-depressants or alcohol has been generally accepted to be deadly.
  • Excessive use of speed could affect your immune system resulting in more colds, flu and sore throat, in addition to its effects on diet and sleep. Speed can result in nervousness, gloominess, over sensitivity, hostility and fear and even severe hallucinations.
  • Infusion of speed is particularly deadly.
  • Injection increases the chances for overdosing significantly.
  • Speed is typically very crude, so other constituents apart from amphetamine enter the bloodstream.
  • The frequent passage of speed through the veins deteriorates them and in some instances, ulcers may even develop.
  • Other contagious diseases (hepatitis and HIV) are being spread when using speed via the sharing of infected needles.