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Painkiller Addiction Definition

Prescription pain-relieving medications called painkillers are the most addictive drugs used in the UK. In America, there are a lot of analgesics recommended daily, and many individuals have often become reliant on the use of the analgesics recommended to them for use.

In many cases, addiction to painkillers mostly start by consuming as much as prescribed. Painkillers are one of the most endorsed medications in America. It is one of the biggest reason for huge number of compulsion they create blissful state of mind to the user and thus develop a brisk reliance to the drug. Find an addiction treatment facility that suits all your needs by calling 0800 772 3971.

it is an addiction when there is a dependency both physically and mentally. If a person takes painkillers long enough, he or she may become physically dependent on these drugs.

Withdrawal symptoms and tolerance are two indications of a physical addiction. The mental impulse implies a man will keep on using the medication regardless of negative outcomes.

Data On Analgesic Dependence

The prevalence of relying on recommended analgesics use is overwhelmingly high.

The statistics result of painkiller abuse is very concerning. Based on the data by National Institute on Drug Abuse, here is some facts of painkiller abuse

If you got addicted to painkillers, don't surrender oneself to despair - the help is nearby. Provided that you are ready to make the first move, it is possible to shake off the addiction.

Painkillers That Commonly Cause Addiction

  • Codeine - It is a weaker opiate that is designed to alleviate coughing and mild to average pain and you can effortlessly get it through a prescription.
  • This drug is excessively mishandled youths. Codeine is regularly used with sugary beverages in a blend and is commonly known as purple drank or sizzurp.
  • Codeine can lead users on to more dangerous or addictive drugs.
  • Darvocet/ Darvon - This is a drug formulated using propoxyphene as the active ingredient, a lot of people died from the use of this drug and many others critically in hospitals though the drug has recently been prohibited by the FDA.
  • However, this drug somehow still remain in the market and society.
  • Demerol - Though it is not often used in recent times due to the high possibility of a user relying on the drug, Demerol is used to alleviate painful sensations of varying intensity.
  • With a similar ecstatic outcome to morphine, Demerol is a registered trademark for meperidine.
  • Dilaudid Dilaudid is also known as "hospital grade heroin" because it is a very strong painkiller.
  • Dilaudid comes in a tablet form. It is actually dangerous for those who have no tolerance to opioid because of its highly addictive nature. Dilaudid abuse may cause trouble breathing or worse, death.
  • Fentanyl - It is a synthetic painkiller that's 100 times stronger than morphine and is only prescribed to people who are tolerant to opioids and experience severe pain.
  • if utilized along with different painkillers including heroin, fentanyl can rapidly prompt to overdose and result in various risky symptoms.
  • Hydrocodone As a fundamental part of various effective painkillers, hydrocodone can be found in medications, for example, Vicodin and Norco.
  • Hydrocodone is mostly combined with acetaminophen or ibuprofen. However, FDA has now allowed the use of pure hydrocodone.
  • All these drugs have an alarming level of an individual depending on them.
  • Methadone - It is an opioid that is used to alleviate moderate to serious pain and to control cravings of users who are dependent to other opiates such as heroin.
  • Methadone remains addictive, regardless of the fact that it is used to help treat other addictions.
  • Morphine Being an extremely strong opiate, morphine is considered an optimal medication for the patients who are suffering from prolonged severe pains.
  • Considered as the most addictive substances available currently and its usage has caused lot of accidental medication related deaths across the country.
  • Oxycodone It is one of the most addictive prescribed drugs. It is sold with various brand names, such as OxyContin and Percocet.
  • Oxycodone is the most prescribed painkillers and has cause many addictions.

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How To Find Treatment For An Addiction To Painkillers

Being addicted to painkillers is very destructive, risky, and expensive. There are experienced and qualified hands that could help one get over a dependence on analgesics with the number equalling those suffering from this form of addiction. You can get back to your normal life by focussing on a decent treatment that will free you from your painkiller dependence and recover your life. You can find many effective treatments across the country that also equipped with qualified addiction counsellor and therapy programs. It does not matter where you live in the country, your budget and individual needs, we can help you discover the treatment facility to aid you overcome your addiction to painkiller