Oxycodone Addiction and Abuse in Essex Essex

Misuse And Dependence To Oxycodone

Oxycodone can be found in various forms and it is a very strong painkiller that can be accessed with prescription and can also be very addictive substance.

Oxycodone, as found in Oxycontin or Percocet, is an effective painkiller and a prominent amongst the most usually misused prescribed drugs in the country. Oxycodone is an effective medication and offers necessary help to numerous individuals battling with excruciating or terminal conditions; thus, it can be difficult to remain in control.

Perceiving that somebody has a dependence on Oxycodone could spare their life.

Usually people first take the drug as prescribed by their doctor but soon start taking it in higher doses to experience the initial effects because they become tolerant to it.

The addiction can grow very rapidly and it is life threatening. A person addicted to Oxycodone will not only spend a lot of money to feed their habit but will also be putting themselves at the risk of dying.

Descent Into Oxycodone Dependency

Occasional Usage

  • Using more than the prescribed amount of the drug
  • Taking Oxycodone at social gatherings
  • Using the drug to gain relief when feeling down
  • Feeling euphoric after taking it


  • Experiencing a craving whenever up against a difficult situation
  • Requiring more Oxycodone to accomplish a high
  • Falling asleep or becoming severely drowsy
  • Feeling shame and covering up your Oxycodone use


  • Prioritizing Oxycodone over everything else
  • Jeopardizing yourself or others; not caring
  • Struggling financially due to Oxycodone use
  • Health and personal relationships are dying

A quality treatment program for relapse prevention and medically controlled detox is usually needed for serious Oxycodone addicts. You can call us to get help in finding the right treatment for you.

Brands And Definition Of Oxycodone

A number one ingredient in a lot of prescribed painkillers is a potent substance Oxycodone that helps users who experience mild to extreme pain. Shapes, sizes and colours vary in regard to the dose and brand of these painkillers. Some of the most used painkillers with Oxycodone as the main ingredient are If you notice that someone close to you is struggling with Oxycodone addiction, get help immediately. Get in touch with us at 0800 772 3971 to find out how you can kick this habit.


Oxycontin is a standout amongst the most regularly mishandled physician recommended drugs. The drug is released into the body in a controlled manner and relieves severe pain for 12 hours maximum. When crushed, the drug can be dissolved in water and injected or snorted and this releases the potency of the drug much more quickly. This permits the client to accomplish the full impact of the medication at the same time.


When Oxycodone is combined with Acetaminophen, the resultant drug is Percocet. People with pain levels ranging from mild to severe are usually prescribed this drug. The most common way to abuse Percocet, much like Oxycontin, is to snort it. Taking this drug longer that you were supposed to, taking bigger than prescribed amounts and chewing or injecting Percocet are other methods of abuse.


Roxicodone releases Oxycodone immediately. Usually, it is given to patients before surgery to calm them down or to sedate them. This drug leads to a very fast high when abused by addicts. Roxicodone abusers most commonly snort, smoke, or inject it.

Oxy, OC's, Oxycet, Oxycontin, hillbilly Heroin, killers, percs, roxi's, are all some of slang or street names for Oxycodone drugs.

Painkillers containing Oxycodone are prescribed for short-term to someone who's undergoing a surgery or has experienced trauma and for long-term to people suffering from a terminal illness or an autoimmune condition like arthritis. When Oxycodone is prescribed, the intention is usually to provide relief all the time.

Oxycodone contains modified thebaine which is an organic chemical in opium. Oxycodone has the same general classification as Morphine, Heroin and Codeine, because it is defined as an opioid, or at least semi-synthetic opiate. Oxycodone is delegated a Schedule II sedate under the Controlled Substances Act. This implies in spite of the fact that it has a distinct therapeutic reason, there is a high potential for abuse. Taking more than the permitted dosage, taking the medication for longer than prescribed by a specialist, biting the pills, and pulverizing then infusing or grunting Oxycodone are altogether considered abuse of the medication.

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Effects Of Oxycodone Abuse

When someone takes Oxycodone even when a doctor has not prescribed the medication to him or her or uses Oxycodone for a longer period than recommended by a doctor, he or she is said to be abusing Oxycodone. Numerous individuals abuse Oxycodone for its euphoric impacts. Oxycodone side effects are closely resembling those of Heroin since it is an opioid.

It's quite obvious that there are a lot of people taking Oxycodone considering that 32 million prescriptions for Percocet were written in 2011 alone. Some have built up resilience, while others don't understand the risk.

These are the effects caused by Oxycodone

  • Joyfulness
  • Less anxiousness
  • Self confidence
  • Tranquillity

Recognizing or tackling abuse of Oxycodone is not easy because as a society we accept use of prescription-based pain relieving medications. Telling whether a person with a prescription is using Oxycodone as recommended by a doctor or taking it in higher doses is extremely tricky. The drug takes a big toll on the health of the user.

Usual Substance Combinations

Combining Oxycodone and alcohol is very dangerous. Combining these substances can be harming, or even fatal, because alcohol and Oxycodone are both affecting the central nervous system in the same way. Breathing can be slowed down, as well as cardiac function by this fatal mix, even until the outcome is a total failure. In the long term, there is also risk of brain damage or damage to other body organs even without overdosing on the drug.

Addiction grows stronger everyday. It is not a rare case that people who abuse Oxycodone, end up abuse Marijuana, Benzodiazepines, and stimulants. These medications might be taken to either open up or moderate the impacts of Oxycodone.

Oxycodone abuse is also a common precursor to Heroin use. That is because Heroin is less pricey and easier to acquire substance that has alike effects in the case when Oxycodone addicts fail to get their prescriptions.

Facts And Figures Related To Oxycodone Misuse

Abuse of Oxycodone is still quite common despite the obvious dangers and many people even combine it with alcohol.