Lunesta Addiction and Abuse in Essex Essex

Lunesta Dependency

Lunesta (eszopiclone) is a sleep aid drug that poses high danger of being misused and usually recommended only to treat intense sleeping disorder. Lunesta is given only for short period as dependency can be realized quite fast.

The Lunesta is commonly used to treat sleep disorders as it is a sedative-hypnotic. Because it is seen as a simple sleeping pill, its potential for addiction is often downplayed.

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The reality is that most doctors prescribe Lunesta as a short-term measure to create acute insomnia because of the potential it has for addiction and abuse.

Symptoms of dependence that may be displayed include

  • Keep taking Lunesta even after resolving their issues
  • Isolate themselves from loved ones
  • Wanting to be by themselves
  • Increase their dosage without consulting their doctor
  • They feel Lunesta improves their life
  • Taking Lunesta for the feeling of euphoria
  • Craving the drug
  • To enhance the impact of Lunesta on the users combine it with any other sedatives

Insomnia and anxiety kind of withdrawal symptoms may appear for the people who quit taking Lunesta after long-term use. Overcoming an addiction to Lunesta can be difficult because of the uncomfortable symptoms that will be felt but the process can be made easier if the addict opts for professional treatment at an inpatient rehab centre.

Health professionals can help Lunesta users safely detox at a treatment centre by administering withdrawal medications and monitoring their vital signs. The sleep cycles of the addict will also be observed by the treatment team to determine whether changes in their lifestyles could enhance the quality of their sleep. A specialist will assess the client and distinguish any mental issues that may have added to their compulsion.

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Comprehending Eszopiclone Or Lunesta

Eszopiclone going by the brand name Lunesta is a central nervous system (CNS) oral depressant pill that has been approved by the FDA as a prescription for treating sleep disorders. Lunesta belongs to the family of well known sleep inducing tranquilizers generally known as "Z-medications," close by Ambien and Sonata.

Lunesta pills are round in shape, white or blue in shading, and come in strengths of 1 mg, 2 mg or 3 mg. The medication is intended to be taken orally, however a few people sniff Lunesta to increase its intoxicating effect.

Lunesta helps the user to sleep faster and longer by binding the receptors of the brain to slow overactive function of the brain. Lunesta instigates severe intoxication and lethargy.

Lunesta in just intended for short-term use because of the highly addictive properties of the drug. The medication can't be purchased from the pharmacy. Though dependent individuals may discover methods to buy it unlawfully. Sleepeasies, zombies, and sleepers are some other ways to identify this drug.

Lunesta Abuse And Effects

Lunesta users mostly use it as part of their sleep regimen and over a long time, it can become addictive. Any utilization of Lunesta outside of an endorsed measurement is considered manhandle. Why many people like to use Lunesta and reasons it becomes addictive. The promise of continuous deep sleep results in an energetic and alert feeling when one awakes. The drowsiness Lunesta causes along with the calm feelings is another reason why a number of people are abusing this drug. Lunesta abuse is considered dangerous because it can increase the risk of an overdose.

Abusive behaviours include

  • Using the medication for other reasons not related to a disease condition
  • Crushing the pills into a powder and snorting it
  • Taking more tablets than prescribed
  • Utilizing Lunesta without a doctor's advice for extended period of time

The amount of the drug used, the inclusion of other sedatives or alcohol when using the drug may determine the health problems that is associated with addiction to the drug. Some Lunesta Overdose Symptoms include

  • Fatigue
  • Temporary loss of consciousness
  • Struggling to breath
  • Loss of consciousness

Lunesta cannot be classified as a gateway drug but continued usage can motivate individuals to increase their dosage, which can lead to potentially fatal conditions.

Typical Drug Mixtures That Include Lunesta

Lunesta is in some cases consumed along with different medications. Users will combine Lunesta with other drugs to get a stronger result. Many are unaware of the dangers of polydrug use.

Blending Lunesta with other resting pills can increase the medication's normal unfavourable reactions, including

  • Light-headedness during the day.
  • Headaches
  • Unusual or unpleasant taste in the mouth
  • Blocked nose
  • Wheezing
  • Throat irritation

Consuming Lunesta with liquor is very risky. The two intoxicants together affect the central sensory system (CNS). The sedative effects of Lunesta will increase when it is combined with alcohol and cause dizziness, drowsiness, difficulties in concentration and impaired judgment. The individuals who binge drink while taking Lunesta will experience difficulty breathing and their pulse can fall.

Lunesta mixed with other drugs can become an overdose that ends up in death.

Facts And Figures Of Lunesta Misuse

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