Ketamine Addiction and Abuse in Essex Essex

Abuse And Addiction To Ketamine

Being Addicted To Ketamine

Many young people at clubs and raves abuse Ketamine, which is a psychoactive drug. Sometimes, it is used by humans and animals as a tranquilizer.

A Ketamine addict is not likely to live a normal life and as soon as they have made the change from occasional usage to addiction, they no longer feel connected to the things around them.

When deep in Ketamine addiction, addicts experience impaired cognitive functions as well as memory and speech problems.

Ketamine addiction indications are as follows

Overcoming Ketamine addiction on your own is not an easy challenge. The changes to the brain chemicals make it very hard for the user to give up the drug, even if they want to.

  • Increased dosages
  • Longing for the next shot
  • Using more money
  • Ignoring responsibilities
  • Requiring higher doses due to tolerance
  • Disregard of fraternal and family ties

With expert help, anyone can recover from Ketamine abuse. It is much easier to start the psychological recovery process after treatment has been used to undo some of the changes to the brain chemistry.

Begin To Understand Ketamine

Ketamine, otherwise known as Kit Kat, Special K, cat Valium, Vitamin K or Dorothy - is an abused animal anaesthetic, normally used as a recreational substance in clubs. Young adults in clubs and parties are the most frequent abusers.

Ketamine belongs to the category of schedule III drugs, the same class of the drug to which Anabolic steroids and Codeine belong.

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High psychological dependence and low physical dependence are the most serious consequences of abusing Schedule III controlled substances.

A Ketamine user will always need higher doses soon after starting to use since tolerance for the drug is built up rather quickly and the drug's effects only last for a short period.

Using Ketamine without a doctor's prescription is illegal.

Ketamine can be taken as a pill, or inhaled through nose as a white powder, or injected. Ketamine turns its users into entirely powerless individuals, which is why many rapists use this substance to make their victims unable to defend themselves.

Effects Of Abusing Ketamine

A hallucinogenic drug, Ketamine produces dissociation and an overwhelming feeling of relaxation. Typically, the feeling lasts for less than 60 minutes. Ketamine can also cause what is known as the K-hole which has been described as an out-of-body experience, and this is most commonly seen when high doses of the drug are introduced intravenously.

Accidents and possibly fatal injuries may occur when a person is under the influence of this drug since numbness may also be caused by the drug's anaesthetic properties.

Consumers can not control the safe dosage amount to take because of Ketamine's unstable quality. In case of usage with alcohol or other drugs, a little dosage of Ketamine can result into an overdose. Complete immobilization is common because Ketamine has a strong tranquilizing effect. Most of the people who've died from Ketamine overdose, died as a result of respiratory failure.

The Effects Of Mixing Ketamine With Other Drugs

Very often, users take Ketamine along with other drugs, and this mixing of drugs results in more severe side effects of Ketamine. Ketamine's liquid state can be effortlessly blended and added into liquor beverages, weed and tobacco products. Ketamine is a depressant so mixing it with other depressants such as alcohol makes it much more hazardous.

Taking Ketamine along with other depressants might see the heart rate or respiratory function reduced fatally.

Ketamine's powder form can be easily mixed with other powdered drugs and produced into a capsule or pill. Mixing depressant drugs such as Ketamine and stimulant drugs such as ecstasy is seriously risky. Other psychedelics including DMT and LSD are some of the drugs that are normally used alongside Ketamine.