Heroin Addiction Symptoms and Warning Signs in Essex Essex

Indications Of Heroin Consumption

The riskier consequences of addiction are presented by heroin use. Awareness of the symptoms characteristic of a heroin abuser can be helpful in saving his or her life.

Heroin is inarguably the most addictive drug at the present. Many people end up dependent on the drug and unable to function normally without it even if they only intended to use the drug a few times only.

Knowing whether or not someone is using heroin may not be easy especially since they may go to great lengths to conceal it. It's rare that new users inject the drug because needle or track marks are a tell-tale sign of heroin abuse.

Heroin users may show other signs such as

  • Eyes that are bloodshot
  • Constricted "pinpoint" pupils
  • Abrupt loss of body mass
  • Enigmatic conduct
  • Altered physical appearance
  • Demotivation
  • They may regularly seem to be drowsy or sleepy
  • Issues with money, asking for it

Heroin And Its Risks

The addictive effects of heroin are not new to most people and many are aware of just how much havoc the drug can cause. The effects of taking heroin are both short term and long term, not to mention the other indirect risks that the users put themselves in.

The rates of transmission of infections such as HIV or Hepatitis is quite high among Heroin users.

People who are addicted to heroin often inject the drug and share their needles pose a risk of blood-borne viruses. The increased rate of spread of diseases among addicts may come from increased risky sexual behaviours. Furthermore, the risk of spontaneous abortion is manifold amongst pregnant heroin users.

Suicide attempts also tend to occur at higher rate among individuals who are dependent on the drug. Intentional overdoses are not uncommon among those who have become suicidal. Abusers of heroin have a compounded risk of suicide because they suffer from underlying mental conditions like depression or bipolar disorder.

At times, persons in withdrawal will experience depressive moods that may trigger suicidal thoughts and attempts. In case you are victim or you know someone who is struggling with heroin abuse, contact us today to get aid.

Some more symptoms which indicate heroin addiction

  • Being depressed
  • Suspicious
  • Incessant itchiness
  • Unable to clear bowels
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Dryness in the Mouth
  • Difficult Speech
  • Malformed veins
  • Squeamishness and Vomiting

Heroin side effect uses to get worse over the time. More damage to the immune system and the inner tissues is caused by a prolonged consumption of heroin. Prolonged heroin use increases a person's risk of contracting diseases. Besides immune suppression, long term heroin users often develop liver, heart, and lung complications.

It is easy to die from a heroin overdose since the drug reduces the rate of breathing and slows down the heart. Brain harm or coma could also result from a nonfatal overdose.

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Picking Out A Heroin Addict

Experimenting with heroin can quickly lead to addiction due to its physically and psychologically addictive qualities. 11 indications that are revealing to heroin's dependence are listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual. These include the following; taking more heroin than you had intended, developing tolerance to heroin and using it while being aware of its adverse effects. A person that exhibits several symptoms is deemed to be seriously addicted to heroin.

There are numerous options that people take in treating addiction with more people flocking in the thousands to treatment centres.

Even casually using heroin can easily result in the user getting hooked to the drug due to the effects it has on the brain and body.

How To Intervene In A Heroin Problem

Most heroin addicts will seldom seek out help to help them with their addiction. Some heroin addicts initially don't consider their dependence an issue, therefore hesitate to seek treatment. Some usually give up especially if their addiction is serious and they've already tried unsuccessfully to quit on various occasions. For both cases, coming up with an appropriate intervention could be the best way to get them out of this addiction.

Removal And Curing

The physical dependence that develops with abuse is especially characterised by heroin addiction. The key indicators that one is a heroin addict is when a person experiences withdrawal symptoms and needs more heroin to get intoxicated.

Removal effects for heroin dependence can result in extreme physical distress and sometimes they take place in just two hours from the last injection, contrasting with drugs that don't result in physical craving like marijuana and Cocaine. Giving up heroin also has various psychological challenges.

Depression, muscle soaring, and cold sweats are a few of the side effects of heroin removal.

Residual symptoms may last for several months but typically symptoms last about one week after the last use of heroin. Heroin withdrawal normally necessitates the need for the aid of a professional treatment centre as well as medication to aptly deal with the condition. Rehabilitation and healing groups in a surrounding with no temptations are provided by these rehab clinics. If you are suffering from Heroin addiction, you should try to find a rehabilitation centre near you.