Cocaine Addiction and Abuse in Essex Essex

Cocaine 101

Cocaine, also known as "rich man's drug", is a dangerous stimulant that is addictive. This stimulant, if consumed, will take the user "to the cloud nine" which means it gives euphoria or extreme feeling and also makes the user fresh and alert and it gains its status as "rich man's drug" because of its expensive price.

Cocaine powder is derived from coca plant which intensely heightens dopamine secretions in the body leading to an elevated mood and high energy. It can be diffused in water and shot up, but can be smoked too ("freebasing"), even though it is usually snorted. Coke, powder, sugar, ice are all synonyms for Cocaine. Hundreds of people are attracted to it, even though most people nowadays know that it easy to form a Cocaine dependency.

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A research found out that every day there is 1,800 new users of Cocaine in America.

Cocaine Use And Its Impact

Since Cocaine is not legal, any usage of this substance is regarded as abuse. Its physiological effects on the body causes one to feel the 'high'. To feel the effects for a longer time, most addicts will regularly use Cocaine as it is less likely to cause an overdose when sniffed as compared to using needles.

Cocaine influences the brain causing;

  • Desire to talk
  • Euphoria
  • Awareness
  • Nervousness
  • Overconfidence

Different levels of power and longevity can be experienced depending on the way Cocaine is used. People usually feel the effects for about 30 minutes only when it is sniffed. Although the effects are more heightened, people only feel them between five and ten minutes when they inhale or use needles.

The sort after feeling of euphoria however takes a toil on your blood pump which could lead to heart failure and inevitable death. Get assistance today for anyone your know that is addicted to Cocaine.

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Addiction To Cocaine

Dependence to Cocaine is hard to spot. The most obvious signs of dependency are Cocaine cravings and disregarding the problems it causes. The most notorious aspect is the body which has been conditioned to depend on Cocaine. Cocaine addiction is very difficult to overcome.

For drug user, consuming Cocaine is their normal life. It has become one of their primary needs, thus, they feel the need to consume it on regular basis. Given that the body has been conditioned to Cocaine, any efforts to stop using causes the body to fight back. The reason for this is because the brain's reward process changes due to the fact that Cocaine enhances the level of dopamine in it extremely. Most addicts need rehabilitative or therapeutic treatment in order to kick the habit, while others have enough willpower to stop abusing it by themselves.

Cocaine And Other Drugs

Rarely does one decide to try Cocaine all on their own, bad company ruins good character. Therefore, Cocaine users might have other dependency on other substances, like marijuana or alcohol. Being addicted to more than 1 substance is called poly-drug and this condition is very dangerous as it increases the risk of overdose.

This can cause alcohol to be a trigger for those who quit Cocaine because alcohol and Cocaine so often go hand in hand. With this observation, recovering drug patients are highly barred from exposure to both substances. The most lethal combination to involve Cocaine is when it is mixed together with heroin (also called "speedball").

Cocaine And The Rising Statistical Figures

Compared to other recreational drugs, it is reported that Cocaine has more records of ER admissions. Those who had been admitted to the emergency unit because of drugs, 68% of them had more than one kind of drug in their body.

Cocaine Dependency And Its Treatment

It is not an easy task. Despite this, dependents can take advantage of sufficient treatment resources and facilities to recover from oblivion. Act now and discover your road to a sobriety from Cocaine dependency today.